About Us

  Often in the area of sexual violence, the lack of reporting these crimes remains one of the largest barriers in the fight to serve justice. This may be due to several factors such as-

a. Victim shaming or the victim being ashamed

b. Fear

c. The inability of those knowledgeable of the crime to physically make a report

The Report Abuse Guyana Platform was created with the intention of providing a readily accessible, online option for making these reports. In doing so, thus removes the barriers by gathering reports submitted to the site and forwarding it to the relevant authorities for action.

Who can use the site? The Report Abuse Guyana platform can be used by anyone regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, gender or religion.

How do you make a report? Reports can be made by simply filling in the relevant information into the short form provided, selecting your desired outcome of the report and pressing the submit button.

What happens to your report?

When a report is submitted, it is then reviewed by our trained and experienced site monitors and forwarded to the relevant authorities. In the case of: Children- reports are forwarded to the Child Care and Protection Agency. Adults- reports are forwarded to the Guyana Police Force. Follow-ups are made on these cases and progress reports are then generated documenting the outcome of the report. Victim support services such as counselling and legal help are also available on the platform.

Who is able to access your report? 

The Report Abuse Guyana platform is a collaborative network of Civil Society organizations and NGO’s that focus primarily on gender based, domestic and or sexual violence. These organizations are aware of and are making every effort to follow the guidelines to protect and secure victim information. This platform requires persons with a particular skillset and knowledge; hence, we at Report Abuse Guyana take the greatest care and consideration when selecting our site monitors. The site monitors are persons belonging to NGOs with years of training and experience in the handling of victim information and provision of support services through their Civil Society work.